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Seaside Youth Ministry exists to receive the fullness of God’s love and respond in a lifestyle of worship by introducing youth to Christ, helping them build lasting relationships with God and others, and sending them out to fulfill God’s purpose in their life.
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SUPAI 2017
June 24 – July 1

The time has come to start dusting off your camping gear!! We are two weeks away from Supai signups! We’ve thought, discussed and prayed long and hard about the possibility of giving the students who regularly attend the Break priority but we have felt that it is best to keep Supai the incredible outreach opportunity that it is and give everyone equal opportunity to attend. In all of our years (close to 40!) of going to Supai we have never NOT brought a student who wanted to go and fulfilled all of the tasks needed to attend. This year, that run could very well come to a close but we will do everything we can for it to continue!

The Supai Campsite is booked solid and we were blessed to get the 115 spots that we did. Supai has become an international phenomenon and with its rise in popularity has come a rise in the cost to camp there. This past year camping fees have been raised by over $80 a person, leading us to have to raise our price from $325 to $400. Our goal with our 115 spots is to take 85 students and 30 leaders to maintain a solid 2.83 to 1 student to leader ratio! With the large amount of students we have on roster and the buzz going around Edison High School and beyond we know that it is very likely that more kids will sign up and complete all of what is asked of them than spots that we have.  So, in order to give each student a fair opportunity we have bolstered our Signup Process to benefit the most committed, the most responsible and the most able to follow instructions. This not only helps us level the playing field but it gives us an opportunity to get to know the students going on this trip and to ensure their dependability and responsibility, both of which are crucial on a difficult and intense trip like Supai. There will be an active waiting list of which in years past many students have ended up being able to go to Supai due to the fall out of students that are incapable of meeting the requirements of the Signup Process. So if your student does not get one of the 85 guaranteed spots there is still a good chance that they can go on the trip due to the fall out that historically happens. To this day no student, that has been on the waiting list and completed everything they needed in the signup process, has been turned away.

For those of you that are not familiar with Supai, it is a backpacking trip in which we hike 13 miles down into the Grand Canyon with all of our clothes, tents, food and other essentials on our backs. From there we hike multiple miles a day to different waterfalls and ultimately come 13 miles back up the canyon to return home. This is a trip that is very doable, but it is of absolute importance that we know our students and can trust them to be responsible and dependable.

This is what our Signup Process consists of:
Step 1: Sign Ups begin at 6pm on Wednesday, May 24th. Students will sign up their name and contact information, no money is required at sign ups. The Break starts as soon as signups end (around 7pm) and to ensure their spot, students need to stay until the end of the Break (9pm) in which they will receive their Student Information Packet. Each individual must pick up their own packet, we will not hand out more than one packet per person. (The packet will include Supai details, packing list, Permission Slip & Release Form, and a Student Information Packet).

Step 2: Wednesday, May 31st at the Break. The Student Information Packet and non-refundable $400 payment are due. These will be turned in at the start of the Break at 715PM. Then at the end of the Break (9pm) the students will be handed the Supai Contract. Each individual must pick up their own Supai contract, we will not hand out more than one contract per person.

Step 3: Wednesday, June 7th at the Break. Mandatory Parent and Student Supai Meeting at 6pm. Students must attend the Break in its entirety. The Supai contract is due and will be collected at the end of the Break around 9pm.

Step 4: Sunday, June 11th. All students must attend one of Seaside’s Sunday Morning services at 9am or 1030am at Sowers Middle School. There will be a check in table for students to check in. The hope behind this morning requirement is again to connect these students to the larger church that The Break is a part of in Seaside Community Church.

*** Failure to attend or complete any of these steps will result in the student dropping to the bottom of the waiting list. We have 85 guaranteed student spots and want to be fair to all of the students wanting to attend. Supai is a trip where the ability to follow directions and be responsible is extremely important due to the intensity of this trip. Therefore, we feel like this sign up process helps us get to know our students personally and get a grid for how dependable and responsible they are.

We realize that this could be quite an inconvenience to the busy schedules of our students but with so much demand for this trip and the magnitude of it we feel that it is necessary to have priority in the time leading up to Supai. Parents will be able to stand in line for their students on May 24th if need be but other than that we will be working directly with the students and only the students. Every time a step of the signup process is missed that student will lose their spot and move to the bottom of the waiting list. The waiting list will be compiled and changed weekly but in order for a student to maintain their spot on the waiting list they must fulfill the steps as they’re laid out here except for the payment, we will only accept payment when they’ve moved from the waiting list to the confirmed list.

Please feel free to fire away with questions! Flyers will be handed out to all of our students and emailed out as well with all of the information needed to make Supai 2017 a reality for your student!! We’re so excited for this trip and for what God is going to do in all of the hearts that get to attend!
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